Planning Application for a Driveway

You will be required to submit a full planning application for a driveway. Your Planning office will then consult your local transport and highways department to consider your application. You will require scaled architectural drawings to accompany a full planning application. 

Planning Application for a Fence

You will need to apply for planning permission if you wish to erect or add to a fence, wall or gate and:


  • it would be over 1 metre high and next to a highway used by vehicles (or the footpath of such a highway); or over 2 metres high elsewhere; or

  • your right to put up or alter fences, walls and gates is removed by an article 4 direction or a planning condition; or

  • your house is a listed building or in the curtilage of a listed building.

  • the fence, wall or gate, or any other boundary involved, forms a boundary with a neighbouring listed building or its curtilage.

You will not need to apply for planning permission to take down a fence, wall,or gate, or to alter, maintain or improve an existing fence, wall or gate (no matter how high) if you don't increase its height.