Fire Evacuation Plans


Fire Evacuation plans are used to quickly direct the user to the nearest fire exit and identifies the location of the assembly point. Information such as fire extinguishers and manual call points are also highlighted on our plans. These will allow your plans to conform with BS23601:2009. This ensures both clarity and quality by using the correct colours, symbols and print sizes. We are the experts at creating these lost cost fire evacuation plans

- Fire Evacuation Plans for schools.

- Fire Evacuation Plans for hotels.

- Fire Evacuation Plans for offices.

- Fire Evacuation Plans for restaurants.

Our range of Fire Plans can be used by both the occupants as well as emergency services. They will be designed to compliment your existing evacuation strategy and specific needs of the building's occupants. Fire plans should be displayed:

  • On every floor at the main entry points to the floor or building.

  • Main corridors.

  • Lift lobbies and stairs.

  • For hotels - in every guest room and common area.

  • Coffee points and meeting rooms.


Our Fire Plans can be used in small offices through to large, complex buildings. We can tailor your plans to any requirements, such as country specific requirements.We also have a range of finishes that can be used to display your fire plans such as, snap frames, aluminium framing and acrylic printing. Please feel free to discuss any requirements you have with us. The quickest way we can create your plans is by using an existing building drawing. If you don't have these available, we can create your plans in a variety of ways as detailed on our Floor Plans page.​

What do we need to create your Fire Evacuation Plans?

We have made the process so simple. Below you can find the different ways you can provide the information we need:
  1. The quickest way is to provide us with the building information in DWG format.
  2. If you don't have the information in DWG format. We can use PDF plans.
  3. You can also send hand drawings
We will also require the locations of fire alarm call points, fire extinguishers, fire exits etc. You can either send these to us or we can arrange to come and survey the building for you.