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Help with invalid or incomplete planning application


Help with invalid planning application

Have you recieved a letter from your council advising you that your planning application is invalid or incomplete?

We are here to help. We can help prepare the additional information you require

Common reasons why a planning application becomes invalid or incomplete

  1. Application Forms

    1. Application form not signed and dated​

    2. Application submitted without CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)

    3. Certificate of ownership has not been signed

    4. Incorrect fees

    5. No Design and Access Statement if required (Depends on the type of application)

  2. Issues with Drawings

    1. Drawings not labelled clearly or correctly​

      • All drawings must be given a descriptive label.​

    2. Inaccurate or incomplete drawings​

      • All drawings must satisfy your local councils basic drawing requirements​

    3. Floor Plans, Elevations and/or Section Drawings do not match each other​

      • Drawings are missing information and are not complete. For example, new French doors are being installed by looking at the proposed floor plan but these are not shown on the proposed elevation.​

    4. Drawings not drawn to a recognised scale.​

      • All drawings must be drawn to a recognised scale to satisfy your local councils basic drawing requirements.​

    5. No red line drawn around the application site on the site location plan.​

      • This must be included for all planning applications to satisfy the National Planning Guidelines.

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