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Listed Building Consent

Listed Building Consent Application

You no longer have to wait for an architect and pay the high costs that come with using a traditional architect. Especially when dealing with a Listed Building Consent Application. With our expertise and software. We can, working with you, produce architectural plans for your Listed Building Planning Permission Application and obtain planning permission much quicker for you than an architect. Our drawings for planning permission come at a Low Fixed Cost from the Start. Instant online fixed quotation

Planning Drawings for Listed Building

Listed Building Consent

If you have the privilege to own a listed building. Then you are helping the conservation of important buildings. However, some modifications may be required to repair the building. This can include planning permission for listed building window replacement. We are the experts at securing planning permission for a listed building and completing listed building consent applications


Browse through our recently created Listed Building Consent drawings. Exactly the same as Architects Drawings for Listed Buildings but at a Low Fixed Cost

Step by Step

Step 1

Get your quotation

Step 2

Send us your measurements or drawings. Alternatively you can book for one of our team to come and measure the property

Step 3

We take over from here. We get to working creating your Listed Building planning drawings and/or Building Regulation Drawings

Step 4

Receive your plans. We can also set up and manage the planning application for you. Please let us know if you would like this service.

Listed Building Consent Applications

This is where it can get confusing and it is the reason we created this online listed building consent service. We get a lot of people asking us questions about planning permission for listed buildings.

What do I need for a listed building application?
Do I need planning permission for listed building?
Architects drawings for an listed building?
How much are drawings for an listed building?

Listed building consent will be require if either of the following cases apply:

  • You want to demolish a listed building.

  • You want to alter or extend a listed building in a manner which would affect its character as a building of special architectural or historical interest.

This applies to developments on a Grade I or Grade II listed building. It is a criminal offence to carry out work which needs listed building consent without obtaining it beforehand.

Listed buildings are classified into grades as follows:

  • Grade I - buildings of exceptional interest (approximately 2 per cent of all listed buildings)

  • Grade II* - particularly important and more than special interest (approximately four per cent)

  • Grade II - buildings of special interest, warranting every effort being made to preserve them (94 per cent)

Listed building consent may be granted subject to conditions with respect to:

  • Preservation of particular features of the building, either as part of it or after it is removed

  • making good of any damage caused to the building by the works after work is completed

  • reconstruction of the building or any parts of it following the proposed works, using the

  • original materials as far as possible, and any alterations within the building as laid down in the conditions

Listed Building Consent Drawings
Listed Building Consent Drawings
Listed Building Consent Drawings
Listed Building Consent Drawings

Planning Drawings for any project!

Fixed Cost from the Start!

Why Choose Us?

There are many services you can find online to create planning drawings. They will also offer instant quotations. What sets us apart is the cost and quality. Our quotation form is simple and asks basic questions about your proposal.

  • We do not charge anything extra for setting up and submitting your planning application.

  • We do not charge you extra for completing additional planning application forms which take less than a minute to complete.

  • We do not charge your later for modifications, if required.

  • We do not have ANY 'Add on's'. The cost you receive is the cost you pay. 

We are a family business, part of Apex CAD Drawing & Planning LTD.

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