Planning Application for a Loft Conversion

If you're looking for extra space in the home and are unable to extend your property, then a loft conversion may work for you. When most houses in the UK were originally built, the loft space was used for space but this space is being increasingly converted to living space. You will need to submit a full planning application to obtain a lawful development certificate for a loft conversion.

Planning Application for a Garage Conversion

If you have a garage on your property. This can be a cost effective way to increase the living space in your home. Normally, there is no requirement to change the exterior of the garage apart from adding windows. Most of the changes will be inside. You will however, be required to submit a full planning application for a garage conversion


We use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to create all the required architectural drawings. We also create these drawings for the fraction of the cost of an architect. If you choose our full service then we will take over the project on your behalf. We will complete all the necessary paper work, submit the application and liaise with your local authority