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Modern Architecture

Why are we different?

There're huge amounts of information to look through in relation to planning applications but the overall process is relatively easy. 'My planning drawings' has broken this process down into six simple questions. We have a wealth of experience creating drawings for a wide range of projects for the fraction of the price of an architect.


The main reason why we're considerably cheaper than an architect is that we get on with the drawings as soon as they come in. We don't waste your time with unnecessary site meetings and discussions with tea and biscuits for which you pay for. You will not need to wait up to 3 weeks for drawings. instead you're drawings will be ready in 3 days. We don't hand draw our plans. We use the latest Computer Aided Design software to create all of our drawings. These drawings also belong to you and have no copyright terms.

Core Values


Using the latest technology to create drawings quickly and consistently. 


All fixed cost provided upfront. No Spiralling costs


We strive to be customer-oriented providing a quality experience to all of our clients

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