Planning Application Drawings

Apex CAD will create all the planning drawings you require. Planning drawings are architectural drawings that must be submitted as part of any planning application. These drawings are for planning purposes only and will require adjustments when you come to the building stage.

One of benefits of using Apex CAD is that all of our drawings are created electronically using the latest computer aided design (CAD) software which means that our drawings can be used as part of your planning application with your local authority and then, after adjustments, with your builder.


Extensions & Porches

rear extension.jpg

Rear Extension

White Brick House


Drywall Repair and Restoration

Interior / Exterior Modifications

Loft Room

Loft & Garage Conversion

side extension.jpg

Side Extension


New Build Houses

House Icon

Other Application



1 (5).jpg

Change of Use

Modern Home Garage

Driveway & Fenceline