Fire Plans


Fire Evacuation Plans

Fire Evacuation plans are used to quickly direct the user to the nearest fire exit and identifies the location of the assembly point. Information such as fire extinguishers and manual call points are also highlighted on our plans. These will allow your plans to conform with BS23601:2009.

Fire Zone Plans

Fire Zone Plans are required on any system of any size to conform with BS5839-1:2013. These plans should be placed next to the main fire alarm panel. Our plans show the building outline with clearly defined zones. 

Our range of Fire Plans can be used by both the occupants as well as emergency services. They will be designed to compliment your existing evacuation strategy and specific needs of the building's occupants. Fire plans should be displayed:

  • On every floor at the main entry points to the floor or building.

  • Main corridors.

  • Lift lobbies and stairs.

  • For hotels - in every guest room and common area.

  • Coffee points and meeting rooms.

Apex CAD’s Fire Plan are scalable to the size of the organisation we work for. Our Fire Plans can be used in small offices through to large, complex buildings. 


We can tailor your plans to any requirements, such as country specific requirements. Please feel free to discuss any requirements you have with us. The quickest way we can create your plans is by using an existing building drawing. If you don't have these available, we can create your plans in a variety of ways as detailed on our Floor Plans page.