Fire Strategy Plans

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Our range of Fire Strategy Plans are used by Fire Risk Assessors to develop fire strategies for a building. Our Fire Strategy Plans form part of this fire strategy. They are also used to aid the Fire Service when attending an emergency on site. 

Our strategy plans display key firefighting elements such as access and evacuation routes, fire exits, assembly points. We also include utility shut off points and areas of particular risk.


From your sketches or marked up drawings Apex CAD Drawing & Planning LTD can create your clear and easy to read strategy plans. Looking professional and displaying your company branding at each control panel location, you have complete control of the final plans. You can add any other relevant information such as emergency contact phone numbers or central station contact details for the weekly testing of monitored systems.

We were recently commissioned by Explore Plant Hire LTD to create Fire Evacuation and Fire Strategy Plans for all of their sites in the UK for an upcoming Fire Safety Audit. We surveyed their site and then produced the plans required.

Fire Strategy Plan

Our range of Fire Plans can be used by both the occupants as well as emergency services. They will be designed to compliment your existing evacuation strategy and specific needs of the building's occupants. Fire plans should be displayed:

  • On every floor at the main entry points to the floor or building.

  • Main corridors.

  • Lift lobbies and stairs.

  • For hotels - in every guest room and common area.

  • Coffee points and meeting rooms.

​Our  Fire Strategy Plans are scaleable to the size of the organisation we work for. Our Fire Strategy Plans can be used in small offices through to large, complex buildings. We create plans for both residential and commercial properties.


We also have a range of finishes that can be used to display your fire plans such as, snap frames, aluminium framing and acrylic printing. Please feel free to discuss any requirements you have with us.