Plans for Solicitors

We regularly work with solicitors around the UK to prepare all the drawings they require. We establish relationships where by the fixed cost is known and you can send the drawings you need created whenever you need them.

Apex CAD Drawing & Planning LTD have vast experience creating Land Registry compliant drawings.

We were recently commissioned for a large scale new development by Scimitar Homes and we worked with RLO Law to create the new lease plans required for the 30 apartments at the Sainte Addresse site in Penarth.

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What do we need to get started?

In order for us to create your Land Registry Complaint Drawings. We would need one of the following:

- Old Architects plans.

- Estate Agent Plans with Measurements.

- Hand Drawings with Measurements.

If you do not have these, we can also arrange a date and time for one of our qualified staff to come to the property to measure the building for you.

Prices start from £69